Join our Company. Dryvest, Inc is seeking skilled employees who want to be part of a growing, successful general commercial construction company specializing in custom roofing and building envelop installation.
Our employees are our most valued asset and the foundation of our success. When you join our team, you join a people-first culture in which collaboration is encouraged, excellence is rewarded, and diversity is valued.

We are highly skilled at what we do. Our leaders have decades of experience in the construction industry and maintain continuing education learning to stay at the forefront of new materials and methods. We plan for the long term. We have solid long term goals and are looking to employ the right skilled professionals for not just years, but decades to come.  

  1. We offer a competitive base salary plus reward excellence with bonus pay!
  2. We have steady business coming from referrals and repeat clients.
  3. We have a strong support team; our training draws on global research and hands on experience.
  4. We are growth oriented, so the earlier you join our team the higher your potential position in the long term.

Your position title and base pay will be determined based on your experience level and workmanship performance during the first weeks of employment. All employees are required to meet the Dryvest quality standard, strictly follow safety protocol, and adopt jobsite etiquette. While you will primarily work on specialized roofing projects, you will be expected to periodically join our construction team on a wide range of new construction and renovation projects throughout the pacific Northwest.

      As a jobsite foreman you will be expected to manage quality control, enforce safety protocol, teach jobsite etiquette, and keep track of material and tool inventory, all while leading by example!
      As a master roofer you will be expected to lead a roofing installation crew by example.
      As general installer you will be expected to meet the Dryvest quality standard, follow safety protocol, adopt jobsite etiquette, and always be punctual.
      As jobsite custodian or assistant roofer, you will be expected to maintain safety protocol, maintain orderliness of materials and equipment, adopt jobsite etiquette, and always be punctual.

Work together toward shared success. Ask questions whenever you are unsure, offer suggestions on how to do better, look out for your colleagues and be safe. We hope that as an employee, you will continually strive to reach a higher level for yourself. This improves your quality of life while improving company culture and contributing to the greater community. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, rest well, read well and take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the rooftop. We want you to live a good life, do great work and be proud of it!

  1. Show a strong work ethic and punctuality.
  2. Exercise high integrity and show responsibility.
  3. Always show willingness to learn constantly and adopt our workmanship methodologies.
  4. Perform to meet or exceed Dryvest quality standards.
  5. Highschool degree preferred.

To be considered, please submit your resume via email to

      Thank you! We hope to hear from you soon!

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